Nearly every City of Design in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has a design centre – some of these design centres are the result of a major architecture competitions.

Recently constructed design centres, in Seoul and Dundee, illustrate how important design centres are to those cities and nations. Those centres have or are expected to become major cultural tourism attractors in themselves in the same manner that the Opera House has in Sydney.

Geelong light projection

Image by Projection Artist: Nick Azidis, Projection Teknik

Creativity owns imagination. And Imagination is what builds our cities. Creativity commands the allegiance and love of the creative person as a way of being, living, thinking. The imagination that comes of that allegiance is powerful, self-renewing, and tireless in delight.

Pier Giorgio Di CiccoPoet Laureate, Toronto

I define the innovation process as a great idea, executed brilliantly, and communicated in a way that is both intuitive and fully celebrates the magic of the initial concept.

Peter FoleyDesigner

Creativity is thinking of something new. Design refines that new idea. Innovation is the implementation of something new.

Paul SloaneDesigner
Magic In Schools Magic-Lab
May 24, 2017

Magic in schools

Creative Education Magic-Lab Incubator is being developed primarily for the benefit of students and teachers in secondary schools but is also available for parents and members of the general community who wish to improve their design thinking skills. Magic-Lab provides an important component in the Geelong City of Design submission…

innoversity-post-image Design CentreInnoversityMagic-Lab
May 23, 2017

Innoversity R&D

Innoversity will concentrate on three main themes:
• Design as a Strategic Business Tool
• Improving Design Business
• Creative Education Research

A Definition of Design
In its original sense, design means “to give form”.  As such, design has its roots in art.  The designer shares the artist’s ability to create – i.e., to develop something that has not been seen before. However, in contrast to the artist, the designer is bound to address a specific need or function.

Design Developments
The challenges of climate change, and the long-term consequences that threaten society, has stimulated a new design approach described as Transition Design. Pioneered at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, Transition Design is gaining momentum as new practical approach to collaborative problem solving that can be applied to a range of circumstances, especially related to urban lifestyles.

What’s on

May 23, 2017 in News


The City of Greater Geelong has taken a major initiative with its decision to seek UNESCO designation of Geelong as a City of Design in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). Geelong has a significant history of creative endeavour and innovation – if the UNESCO application is successful it will see Geelong recognised…

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May 14, 2017 in News

Geelong City of Design

The City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) is preparing its application for recognition as a UNESCO City of Design in collaboration with Deakin University and the Australian Centre for Innovation & Design (ACID). The Geelong submission will be the culmination of six months of intensive research and analysis of the city’s…

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